Carving Through Borders: Mocabel

Carving Through Borders

Originally hand-carved by Mocabel on a large 3'x7' wood block, this print is the digital version scaled down to 12"x18" inches. Achingly beautiful.

About the artist:

“Artist Name: MOCABEL. Full Name: Carol Belisa Montes Castellon. That's quite a mouthful name. I was born in Honduras during the best era 1983. In 1988 my family and I took the brave and fearless journey to the land of opportunities and white picket fences. During my youth it was really difficult to adapt to this new society as I didn't know the language. The only English I knew was "this is a pen", "this is a pencil", and "this is a paper". I learned that these childhood friends would become my best friends and tools for advocacy in my adulthood. Despite the language barrier, my source of communication became my art tools. As I drew numerous cartoon characters from Bobby's World to the Little Mermaid, I developed many friends with this talent, and learned to make them come alive with colors and shading. I never felt alone as long as I had paper, pencil and pens by my side. As I grew I focused my life on studying Art Illustration and Animation, and in 2007 I graduated from Cal State Nothridge with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art with a concentration in Animation. Now I spend many hours of my day teaching students in grades k-12 to develop awareness of their world through Art and Animation.”

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