Carving Through Borders: Originol

Oree Originol
Carving Through Borders

Originally hand-carved by Oree Originol on a large 7’x3’ wood block, this print is the digital version scaled down to 18”x12” inches. Radiant and honest.

About the artist:

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Oree Originol is an artist who explores geometry, color theory, and ancient spiritual symbolism in his work. Influenced by the structural architecture of his environment in contrast with the natural patterns in nature, Oree creates lustrous configurations incorporating triangles, circles, and other formulated shapes that interact with enchanting realms. He moved to the Bay Area in 2009 where he began exhibiting his artwork in local galleries and teaching art classes. He currently resides in Oakland where he has been merging his art practice with social justice movements.

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