Carving Through Borders: Yeh

Imin Yeh
Carving Through Borders

Originally handcarved by Imin Yeh on a large 3'x7' wooden block, this print is the digital version scaled down to 12"x18" inches. Gorgeous and imaginative.

Artist statement:

"This piece is a large botanical print of the milkweed plant, the only plant to provide larval food for Monarch butterflies. The print repeats itself so that a large area can be covered, creating a magical garden that welcomes Monarch Butterflies,which have come to represent the beauty of migration. Monarch butterflies are hidden throughout the garden, their wings carved with the words, 'Migration is Beautiful. Monarchs Welcome Here.'"

About the artist:

Imin Yeh is an interdisciplinary project-based artist, working in sculpture, installation, participatory events, and print; making projects that try to implicate the viewer into more critical dialogue about the invisible labor and the stories behind the objects we consume.

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