New Worlds: Kah Yangni

Kah Yangni

Our freedom to vote is under attack! 💥👊🏽 Forces of white supremacy & systemic oppression are preventing communities of color from participating in the democratic process. 

We just saw the Supreme Court's ruling to restrict voters at the ballot box, making it harder for BIPOC folks to vote. The people power that fuels our movements extends far beyond any one person or any one election. 

Kah Yangni, is an artist & illustrator living in Philadelphia, PA: “I wanted to make something that’s as hopeful as the visions of the future that youth I’ve been around, my friends, and people I just know have for the future. The girl in this picture is based on a selfie that a student of mine snapped on my unlocked phone when I wasn’t looking, years ago. It’s easy to get cynical about the government but I really believe in the ideas of the people like her, who are all around me. I know they are trying to take our vote because our voices have real power to make something different from before.” 

For democracy to work for all of us, it must include us all. A place where freedom is for everyone, where we can all have an equal say. 

Now, more than ever, we must support our artists who have the power to tell our stories and help all of us see the truth. @KahYangni’s art says it perfectly: “Your voice builds new worlds” 💙🦋

It's time to move #ForwardTogether to a healthier, more equitable, and more just future that we must make together. We won't stop until everyone has the #FreedomToVote

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