Pasifika Power: Momoe Tasker

Momoe i manu ae ala atea'e

'Pacific' means different things to people. During the process of creating this piece, I wanted to make it as inclusive as I could within the realms of my design. However, along the way, I found I had to make choices that left out some islands. Oceania includes Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia and Australasia (these terms are divisive in themselves, that's a whole nutha conversation) but excludes Pacific Islands which for political reasons (COLONISAAAATION!) are officially part of other countries and continents (Asia, South America, USA).

Also, the 'Western Pacific' (World Health Organization) includes mainland East Asia as well as the archipelagos of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, but these islands are not considered part of Oceania and often left out when it comes to Pasifika culture and heritage.

The Pacific is indeed fluid in her identity and in the peoples that voyaged across her seas. WE ARE VAST! Look how many cousins we have!” - @Momoe.Ink

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