Karena Heredia

Finance Coordinator
Karena Heredia (she/her), is an Ecuadorian, Filipina/Mexican, raised by immigrant farmworkers, and educators in the Coachella Valley. After completing her BA from the University of California, Santa Cruz, she launched her career in nonprofit finance working with organizations from Los Angeles to New York. She is an Avenger for social justice with spreadsheets as her superpower and heels as her cape. Karena dedicates her life to serving her community, with a focus on uplifting the voices of young Latinas! Now, back in her hometown of the Coachella Valley, she is excited to support the new generation of young Latinx leaders who are preserving the lessons of our ancestors. Her passion for education, empowerment, and equality runs deep and she leaves a trail of knowledge and encouragement wherever she goes. She is always ready to lend a helping hand, with a glass of wine balanced in the other.