Nour Yusoff

Communications Operations Manager

Nour (they/them) is a singer, writer, and creative thinker based in Brooklyn, New York. As a trans and gender fluid, disabled/Hypermobile (“Hyp”) person, they find themselves creating work that speaks to the limitations and impacts of living within the binary. After working for NYC in foster care, Nour saw the way systems often cause harm and inflict punishment and chose instead to focus their efforts on areas where they could work with values of health, racial, and disability justice. They look to challenge ableist frameworks that fail to center the most impacted.

Nour’s focus has been community organizing, facilitation, and youth advocacy through designing program infrastructure, project management, evidence-based model development, and grant/proposal writing. They have led NYC-based programs and initiatives for BIPOC foster youth at the high school and collegiate levels. In fashion, they have explored the intersection of art and strategy collaborating with Woodhouse, a NYC-based queer and POC fashion brand. Nour’s commitment lies in centering artists and supporting communities with analytical skill sets, to sustain and celebrate the joy and connection in art that is so often forgotten.