Envisioning a Police-Free City

The Center for Cultural Power
June 17, 2020

What would a police-free Oakland look like? As the nation stands up for Black lives, The Center for Cultural Power President Favianna Rodriguez shares her views in this KQED roundup of Oakland's cultural voices.

“Historically, the police are an institution that is built on the foundation of slave catching. Throughout my entire life growing up here [in Oakland] and in Los Angeles, I have never had a good experience with the police. Furthermore, when I was in an abusive relationship with someone with mental health issues, I would never call the police out of fear that they would kill my former partner. I don’t believe we should have police exist in its current form.

I want specialized experts who address sexual assault, I want specialized experts to be able to come to somebody’s home when there are mental health issues.

I would like to have collaborative program for when I have issues with noise or fireworks in my community, or I notice someone is abusing an animal. I would like for service workers to be easily accessible. I don’t believe the police are necessary for that. We don’t need force of peace keepers who are so heavily militarized.

I believe in abolishing the police and I think it starts with defunding them. But I fully believe we have to transition to another way of keeping the peace. That’s something that’s many years away, but it has to evolve from investing in things that work."

Excerpt from What Would a Police-Free Oakland Look Like, KQED written by Nastia Voynovskaya. Read the full article below.

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