Amplifying the Voices of Abortion Justice Leaders

The Center for Cultural Power
June 23, 2022

Today's fight for abortion rights is about our ability to choose our own destinies. “Reproductive Justice,” a term coined by Black women activists, encompasses our right to maintain personal bodily autonomy. Sistersong further defines reproductive justice as our right to have children, to not have children, and to parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities.

Navigating the legal system, accessing healthcare services, negotiating cultural stigma, and dealing with the basic cost of living are just some of the many factors that BIPOC communities from fully realizing reproductive justice. By addressing how these opposing systems impact us individually and collectively, we’re able to create safe and equitable pathways for future generations to thrive. 

“Some Reflections On Abortion,” a video series co-created by The Center for Cultural Power, explores abortion through the lens of RJ and centers the voices of Texas-based Abortion Justice leaders. The series includes the following episodes:

The series was developed alongside our partners, The Lilith Fund and Avow, in collaboration with Simpática Studio. The videos feature illustrations and animations by, @saksij and “Some Reflections On Abortion” can also be viewed on The Center For Cultural Power’s instagram, @culturestrike

To support Reproductive Justice efforts, follow these powerful organizations across the country: SisterSongCalifornia Latinas for Reproductive Justice, and the Afiya Center. We offer gratitude to all who are working towards liberation of Black and brown bodies, and who are advocating for Reproductive Justice in their own communities.