Carving Through Borders: Erin Yoshi

Erin Yoshi
Carving Through Borders

Originally handcarved by Erin Yoshi on a large 7'x3' wooden block, this print is the digital version scaled down to 18"x12" inches. Gorgeous piece.

Artist statement:

"This piece represents the natural flow of migration. That humans and animals have been moving between continents for centuries. That the current ideas around borders and border control are a man-made construct with devastating human rights violations. Separating families, mass detentions and relocations, and death rates at the borders create urgency to readdress the current Immigration Legislation. Border control practices aren't working and immigration policy is failing."

About the artist:

Born in Los Angeles, Calif., Erin Yoshi was inspired at an early age by her parents to create. She built a darkroom and started developing photography at age 7. She was influenced by stories of her family’s experiences during the Internment Camps of WWII, which instilled curiosity for human capacity and politics of power. Her foundation as a community organizer has influenced her art and project themes.

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