#ClimateWoke: Nerdy Brown Kid

Nerdy Brown Kid

#ClimateWoke means voting for leaders who are committed to sustainable & just solutions. Indigenous land defenders often face disproportionate sentencing & persecution in the court and prison systems. These issues are connected to the same racist, exploitative system of white supremacy that our capitalistic society sits on. Our fight to defend our planet is intersectional and connected to a much needed ecological justice.

As many Americans face evacuation orders for wildfires and hurricanes, we are experiencing collective climate grief amidst government neglect and inaction. State & federal officials are struggling to respond to natural disasters due to their dependence on incarcerated labor, where the COVID pandemic is spreading uncontained within prisons. The whole system is broken.

Now is the time to come together to defend Mother Earth. Indigenous land defenders & climate refugees have been on the frontlines of the global climate crisis. Climate change is a racial justice issue.

We need bold climate leadership and solutions. What are we doing today to ensure a better & healthier planet for future generations?

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