Happy Mothers Day: Torrico

Rommy Torrico

 Happy Mother’s Day  Today & everyday we honor the generations of womxn who shape us through their love & legacy. Special shout out to all the artists mamas who impart their wisdom, family traditions, creativity, and the spark of imagination on to the next generation.

It's an incredible honor to capture this tender moment of deep love and care between brilliant artist Crystal Galindo and her little baby bean Iyari. For over a decade, Crystal has been painting bold and colorful worlds on canvas for BIPOC folks to show up in pride, power, and delight. “Being an artist mommy also means giving the best of me to my children and exposing them to the process of creativity, letting them be free.” - Crystal Galindo.

Now more than ever, may we all find ways to make the most of the precious moments with our children- to continue finding joy, finding strength, finding safety, finding hope. We remember all the mothers, femmetors, and elders in our lives and thank them for sharing their knowledge, their passion, their heart, their hugs- los abrazos que nos llegan al alma.

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