Pay Us: Tochtlita


Pay us equitably, no exceptions! Women pour energy, love, and light into our communities, often multitasking work, home, and childcare. Our mothers, sisters, and loved ones are the spine holding together pages in our families and history books. All women deserve respect and fair compensation for their labor and contributions to shape community, culture, art, and society.

The pay gap is real, y’all! On average, women make .73¢ for every white man’s dollar and circumstances are even more dire for Black, Indigenous & Latina women, who average a .64¢, .57¢, and .54¢ respectively. Similar is true for Trans women who experience the same disparities in work and wage as their cis counterparts with the added stress of transphobic discrimination.

Women of color disrupting the status quo of the art and culture world is long overdue. We’re here for women taking up space, building up our communities, and holding people accountable for their abuse of power.

As we work to transform the industries & world we live in, let’s remember who we do this for: Women of color, Trans women, and femmes all over the world.

Art by @tochtlita

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