Creating Constellations


We are co-creating the field for our times. Now more than ever, as the world is plunged into uncertainty and chaos, we need artists at the center of generating a new worldview that can help us imagine a future where we live in harmony with nature and in regenerative relationships with each other. Constellations was a convening of eighty artists, cultural strategists, funders and social justice leaders who are building infrastructure and programs that hold artists at the center of manifesting social change. A diverse Design Team was assembled to call attendees to Dallas, TX where we began to collectively define cultural strategy, identify priorities and resources, and solidify partnerships to advance our work. The Design Team continues to meet, informed by the group insights, and we are drawing on the foundation of cultural activism to build structures that can support a vibrant cultural ecosystem. The convening set the stage for crafting recommendations to philanthropy on how best to support a significant increase in funding for a POC, artist-centered strategy for ongoing narrative shift.