Let's Make History Together

Erin Potts
May 28, 2020

Hey Artists! It’s election time again, and there is so much that artists can do to continue the trend of historic turnout that started in the 2018 midterms to ensure turn out on November 3rd the highest it’s been in generations!! As you already know, artists of all types have historically played vital roles in past elections by doing things like writing op-eds, creating posters, billboards, online graphics, songs, music videos (like this or this) or comedy videos (like this, this and this or this), producing tours, parties and concerts, posting pictures and get out the vote messages on social media…and so much more.

These examples show that artists are able to achieve what others can’t, particularly around energizing and activating fans who are not always politically active. Artists will play an even bigger role in the 2020 election and beyond, not just because of your historic impact, but also your unique ability to energize and reach new audiences and disrupt narratives. To put it another way, your art can be the rocket fuel for change that can inspire your fans to participate and to vote, and doing so can build a new kind of power — one that leaves behind “fake democracy” based on the concept of “power over” others and unleashes true democracy built around “power with” others. Download the PDF and READ ON...

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