Carving Through Borders: Torrico

Rommy Torrico
Carving Through Borders

Originally hand-carved by Rommy Torrico on a large 3’x7’ wood block. Intricate and gorgeous.

Artist statement:

“This is a tribute to all the stories I've had the privilege of hearing over the years I've been involved with the (im)migrant rights struggle. It explores some of the intricacies of migration- from the family, homes and dreams we leave behind to the reasons why we have to leave them in the first place- and respectfully acknowledges that migration is never easy and is almost always about survival. Every detail, every layer and every story is valuable and holds the key to our liberation.”

About the artist:

Rommy is an undocumented, brown, queer, trans* artist and activist born in Iquique, Chile and currently residing in Naples, Florida. They have been involved in the (im)migrant rights struggle for several years and infuse their work with personal experience and the stories their community shares to create a collective narrative. Their art typically showcases portraits of community members from all walks of life and explores a myriad of topics relating to immigration. Rommy is part of a grassroots initiative, the Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project, which believes in the strength our communities have and how powerful stories can really be.

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