Visions From The Inside: Bazant

Micah Bazant
Visions From The Inside (2015)

Artist statement: “The letter I illustrated was short and so heartbreaking. There was so much unsaid in it: so much strength, suffering and history. The author says "I am an orphan, and my husband was murdered. I was also threatened, that I would be killed together with my daughter. I am also discriminated against because of my language, I don’t know how to speak Spanish.” US dialogue about immigration usually starts with a focus on individuals who are breaking the law. But it’s a choice to start the story there — to start it after 500+ years of colonization + genocide of Mayan people; after the US-backed coup that led to 36 years of terror and war; after decades of US drug policies and multinational trade agreements that have decimated the economy and democratic governance, and fueled narcoviolence. The letter also said: “The water has bleach in it, and I don’t have money to buy water from the store.” Water is life and water crosses borders. Clean water should be everyone’s birthright. When I imagined what I wished for this mother and her child, I imagined a mighty waterfall breaking through the prison walls.“ –Micah Bazant

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