Visions From The Inside (2): Clarity

Crystal Clarity
Visions From The Inside (2016)

Artist statement: “I wanted to show the tension of being caught in this system, this portal of detainment. And Maribels statement of wishing to fly out of that situation like a butterfly. The wall on the other side shows shadows of the violent life that she is only trying to distance herself from by migrating. Someone told me that the actual figure looked like me and I think subconsciously it was because after reading her letter my empathy went into overdrive. I felt transported into her situation. I felt like I was there, connected to her struggle in such an intimate way. If we all could put ourselves in the place of others in this way we wouldn’t have a crisis such as this. We would let people find the safety and life that we desire for ourselves. I wish her and all the detainees the liberty and life of freedom that they deserve. This illustration is my prayer.” -Crystal Clarity

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