Krystle Edwards
April 22, 2024

Call Details: 2024 Climate Woke call for digital content 

Who: Climate Storytellers and Video Artists 

What: Propose short-form climate justice video ideas that explore the intersectionality of climate change and social justice in the United States

When: 4/22/2024 Application Opens

  5/26/2024, 11:59 PM PST Application Closes 

How: Complete online application 

Award Winners will be notified by 6/7/2024

See call for complete details. 

Press | Media Contact:

See call below for complete details.



The Center for Cultural Power and partner BLD PWR  are looking for climate storytellers and artists who are passionate about environmental justice to create compelling digital content for our Climate Woke campaign. Launching on Earth Day 2024 in honor of Earth Month and climate justice, this project aims to uplift climate intersectionality to inspire individuals and communities to feel like they are a part of climate solutions. We are open to all genres and approaches of artistic mediums. The final product will be shared across Cultural Power’s digital platforms, social media, and among our movement partners. We will highlight and uplift the work of two selected artists as part of the Climate Woke campaign and future Climate Woke endeavors.

Climate Woke is The Center for Cultural Power’s ongoing campaign to reorient the climate change narrative to center voices from BIPOC, low-income, and migrant communities. BIPOC climate activists speak the language of those most directly affected by climate disasters and translate complex climate science to real-life outcomes, situations, and moments. Through funding and relationship building, Climate Woke strategically advances the work of these artists, activists, and culture bearers in mainstream film and media. Produced media includes short films, social media content, and special projects centered on the climate wisdom of impacted BIPOC communities.

While climate change is a global concern that impacts everyone, in the United States, historically marginalized, disinvested, and poor communities of color are hit the hardest by environmental catastrophes threatening basic needs like health, food security, and housing. Given their close proximity to the violence of climate change, artists from these marginalized communities are uniquely positioned to ideate and implement solutions. Climate Woke uses cultural strategy to tell a new story of climate resiliency by engaging communities in imagining a new future and activating them to take action toward it.



We are looking for artists and creators to generate short-form creative video content that explores the intersectionality of climate change and social justice in the United States, specifically on themes of Land Back, Black Liberation x Climate Justice, Environmental Optimism, Climate Migration/Climate Gentrification, and Climate Change’s impact on Reproductive Freedom. 

Key Themes

Below are the five key Climate Woke themes that should be centered in proposals. Accompanying each theme is the cultural context to give an idea of the story we want to see reflected in proposals. 

  1. Climate Migration/ Climate Gentrification - The ecological disasters created by climate change induced the displacement of vulnerable communities, especially historically marginalized and poor ones. Displacement is a violent process that forces people away from housing and communities.
  2. Environmental Optimism - Environmental Optimism seeks to empower communities to find and inspire creative paths toward an environmentally just future to counter the climate crisis narrative of destruction.
  3. LandBack - LandBack encompasses the restoration and reclamation of regenerative relationships with the land and all relatives, both living and nonliving. It involves the returning of land to the descendants of the dispossessed, especially African Americans and Native Americans.
  4. Climate Change Impact on Reproductive Freedom - Violence from climate change provokes reproductive injustices and impacts reproductive health by making it harder to grow and sustain families. Community-based strategies for Reproductive Freedom are needed to strengthen Reproductive Justice for all.
  5. Black Liberation X Climate Justice - Black communities are among those disproportionately impacted by climate change. In response, a long legacy of strategies and movements has emerged from Black communities grounded in collective care, freedom, and joy.


The Center for Cultural Power and BLD Power will select two winning artists and offer one (1) award of  $10,000 for a 7-11-minute narrative short film and one (1) award of $5,000 for creative video content that is 3-5 minutes long. 

This award will cover all associated costs of production and creation. Please consider budget limitations when creating your proposal. Once both proposal awardees are selected, The Center for Cultural Power and selected artists will sign a contract outlining project expectations, feedback, and the payment process.  Cultural Power retains the right to void all contract obligations if the final product no longer aligns with areas of focus or proposal in submission.


Selected artists will have two months to create their projects, with time allocated to work with The Center for Cultural Power on concept reviews. Recipients will be privately notified by June 7th before being announced on The Center for Cultural Power's website and social media. Due to the number of submissions we expect to receive, we unfortunately cannot guarantee communication for submissions that are not selected.

Below is an outline for the overall project:



Final works must clearly connect to one of the five themes central to the Climate Woke campaign (detailed below). All artistic disciplines are welcome, including digital art, poetry, animation, music, dance, etc. 

Please note that all pieces must be in video format. 

We are seeking short-form creative video creative work that is designed for digital dissemination. 

  • Technical production elements: Cinematography, sound recording and mixing
  • Post-production (video): Editing, color-grading, subtitling, closed-captions
  • Post-production (audio): Sound design, editing and mixing, music mixing

Videos formatted for YouTube and screening:

  • One full video asset that is at least 1080p HD, 1920x1080, or at most 4k, 3840x2160, uncaptioned, with an accompanying SRT file (in English) for closed captions
  • One full video asset that is at least 1080p HD, 1920x1080, or at most 4k, 3840x2160 1080, fully captioned
  • One vertical 1080p HD, 1080x1920 trailer, fully captioned (if necessary), for social media distribution
  • Video Codec: h.264, AVC
  • Audio: AAC, 128 kbps
  • File: .MOV or .MP4
  • Broadcast: NTSC


  1. 21 years old or older
  2. Artists and storytellers engaged with the intersection of arts, culture, and social justice.
  3. A proven track record of short-form creative video content creation or aspiring talent in climate storytelling and advocacy.
    1. For the 7-11 minute narrative short film: creatives with a background in video/film production
    2. For the 3-5 minute creative video content: creatives with a  background in creating social media video content
  4. Artists and storytellers who are values aligned with the mission of The Center for Cultural Power: advocating for equitable distribution of power and harmony with nature.
  5. Artists and storytellers from diverse backgrounds, including BIPOC, LGBTQI+, undocumented, and/or disabled individuals.
  6. Applicants committed to collaborating and centering the expertise of communities navigating marginalization, in their work.



Before submitting your application using the Typeform link below, please ensure you have all the necessary information. We estimate this application should take between 1-2 hours to complete. 

  1. Contact information
  2. Demographic information
  3. Proposal submission describing the project concept in less than 4500 characters (approximately 800-1000 words with spaces). 
    1. 3-5 minute creative video content ($5,000 award), OR the
    2. 7-11 minute narrative short film ($10,000 award)
  • The Climate Woke proposal  description will need to include at least one of the themes of “Climate Woke” (Land Back, Black Liberation x Climate Justice, Environmental Optimism, Climate Migration/Climate Gentrification, OR Climate Change’s impact on Reproductive Freedom)
  • Include what primary, secondary, and tertiary audiences you would like to think this project will engage. How will your proposed work move audiences? How do you describe your proposed style for this content? 
  • Consider including:
    • The Visual Aesthetic: Describe the visual style you plan to use in the film (e.g. documentary realism, artistic imagery, stylized animation). How will this style enhance the storytelling?
    • Tone: Describe the overall tone of the film, such as serious, hopeful, or a mix of both. How will the tone contribute to the film's impact?
    • [For the 7-11 min.] Narrative Approach: discuss the narrative structure, such as a linear or non-linear storyline, and how it supports the film's themes. What storytelling techniques will you use?
  1. Past Work Samples: Please upload 2 examples of previously completed video projects. The samples must include a logline of your role and can include other project contributors and their roles; be sure to highlight your role as well. Samples should be uploaded as PDF files with embedded video links and saved as FirstName_LastName_Sample1.pdf.
  2. Artist Profile: upload a short bio of no more than 1200 characters (approximately 250 words with spaces) and a JPEG headshot saved as FirstName_LastName_Headshot.jpeg.




Artists will retain full rights to their IP, and The Center for Cultural Power will retain executive producer rights to final assets. Permissions, credits, and licenses will be negotiated as different opportunities arise.



The Center for Cultural Power (CCP) is a cultural strategy nonprofit that activates and mobilizes Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Artist Disruptors and Culture Bearers to envision a world in which cultural, economic, and political power are distributed equitably, and where all human beings can live in harmony with nature. The Center for Cultural Power creates a thriving ecosystem for diverse artists and culture makers to shift worldviews away from domination and extraction toward collaboration and interdependence. 

ABOUT BLD PWR: BLD PWR are social architects that shift culture by building community and producing content that is rooted in the love of everyday people. The mission of BLD PWR is to bring about the liberated future we all deserve by organizing, educating, and activating the entertainment industry in partnership with grassroots movements. The BLD PWR ecosystem will include expanded infrastructure, educational programming, cultural events, and community. 


Please submit questions related to the 2024 Climate Woke to the FAQ form. We will update the Climate Woke Contest FAQ Document weekly every Thursday from April 22 to May 21, with answers to questions received.

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